Support Ticket Submission


Submitting a support request helps to facilitate timely problem resolution and product refinement. You can present a clear snapshot of your requirements in a support request—a revenue-boosting feature, a product bug, or a unique troubleshooting scenario.

You can also include essential details such as screenshots, tech stack nuances, and relevant IDs. These details equip the Support Team to act promptly and efficiently.

Submit a support request

Use the following steps to submit a support request:

  1. Open the Submit a request page. (Right-click on this link to open the page in a separate tab.)

    If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to enter your credentials.

  2. From the Ticket Type dropdown menu, select the ticket type.
  3. In the Subject field, enter a brief, specific topic of the ticket, such as Campaign, Lack of Fill, or SSAI.

    As you type, a Suggested articles section appears with possible guidance to solve your issue.

  4. Use one of the following options to fill out the Description field.

     Feature Request

    To submit a feature request, please answer the following questions in the Description field.

    • What feature are you envisioning, and can you elaborate on its details?
    • For which specific use case do you envision this feature adding value or improving efficiency? Please describe how.
    • Compared to current revenue, how much additional revenue do you estimate this feature might generate? Please provide any assumptions or calculations you've made.


    To submit a ticket for a bug, please respond to the following request in the Description field.

    Please provide an explanation and evidence of why there might be a bug.


    To submit a troubleshooting ticket for a specific use case, please provide the following information in the Description field.

    • Date of first occurrence:
    • If applicable, list steps to replicate the issue:
    • Outline optimization methods and troubleshooting attempted:
    • List with links the impacted channels, networks, bidders, or campaigns:
    • Reporting data:
    • External data from other SSAI providers or ad platforms used in conjunction with Publica:
    • End-to-end tech stack details and Publica's place within the tech stack:

  5. Select the Priority of the support ticket.
  6. In the Attachments (optional) field, attach relevant screenshots.

    For any discrepancy investigation, please upload day-over-day reporting from other ad systems drilled down to the equivalent level of channel, app bundle, or site page.

  7. Click Submit. A confirmation of the ticket submission and a summary of the ticket appear.

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